We are charting a new course, missioned to provide the world's most integrative and solution-based formulations involving cannabinoids.

Our custom built, ultra-specialized extraction laboratory located at the foothills of the Swiss Alps in the agriculturally prosperous region of Thurgau is where we realize our mission.

How We're Different

Driven by Precision and Automation

Our laboratory is able to refine controlled and standardized cannabinoid ingredients at an industrial scale. Our minimal human points-of-contact operation means we ensure phytocomplex consistency from batch to batch.

North American-Derived Industry Experience

Our founders hail from Canada, where they have been producing and commercializing cannabinoid-derived products for over a decade. We know the formats and formulas that work  because we've done this before.

Flexible Manufacturing Principles

Built on flexible manufacturing principles, our laboratory allows us to provide short production lifecycles and bespoke batch sizes while maintaining uniform manufacturing quality and fault-free production for our clients.

A Strong Company Culture of Quality

To us, Quality Assurance extends beyond workflows, processes and tools. It requires the contribution of management, sales, developers, designers and technicians. At the core, a culture of quality assurance enhances our ability to build and launch high-quality products that meet our stakeholders’ needs—and that’s a culture that benefits everyone.

Sustainability Focus

An important part of manufacturing means taking ownership for the environmental and social impacts of making our products. We collaborate with other brands to reduce the overall impact on our entire industry, because in our supply chain we are all interconnected.

Swiss Quality, Swiss Made

Swiss Made is a label used to indicate that a product was Made in Switzerland. All over the world, the reputation of Swiss Made products are unrivaled. Know-how, impeccable quality, aesthetic prowess, technical innovation: the indication of Swiss Made reflects all of this and much more.

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