Bespoke Product

From first-time entrepreneurs thinking about launching a brand to seasoned operators looking to expand your product offering, the cannabis market is difficult to navigate alone and often fraught with pitfalls.  As licensed operators with over a decade of experience, we develop a market-proven formulation, engineering, manufacturing and commercialization platform - all under one roof.

Innovate & Formulate.

Whether you have a formulation ready for initial production and quality testing, or you need assistance developing your concept into a viable product, we have the science, production capability and market expertise to develop consistent and safe products in all shapes, sizes and delivery methods.

Plan & Make.

Once a formulation has been validated, we develop a custom plan to manufacture a market-ready product with economics and efficiencies that align with your budget and brand. From procedural assistance and supply sourcing to packaging and labelling, our production planning results in standardized processes that ensure your brand specifications are never compromised.

Commercialize & Manage.

Each product is unique and needs a customized commercialization plan to ensure its full market potential. We apply our global industry expertise and network to help brands identify and successfully earn market share in their chosen segments. Using our years of real-world experience launching products across legal North American jurisdictions, we help you develop production volume targets and distribution plans to best serve each product.

Optimize & Expand.

Taking lessons from all facets of cannabis operations and applying the most current market insights from product reviews and sales data, we optimize your product planning to ensure long-term success. Ready to enter new markets? Expand with us as we grow our licensed operations across the globe to provide you market access, adhere to our standardized processes and create distribution networks for new product launches.

Areas of Product Development Expertise

How We're Different

We work with a wide range of briefs.

From “scaling an edible from artisanal hand batches to a fully commercial product” to “optimize the efficaciousness of cannabinoids and adaptogens for aiding sleep”, we have the capability to create unrivaled products with access to the very best ingredients that is manufactured in our own laboratory.

Quality Assurance loves us.

Our laboratory passes supplier and vendor screening processes with flying colours. This is because we are armed with documentation that traces and demonstrate our standards. Whether it’s Supplier Quality audits, Novel Foods applications or producing Product Information Files and Safety Data Sheets, we have the capability and knowledge to ensure compliance for our clients.

We are the benchmark.

Our experience puts us ahead of the competition, setting standards for manufacturing techniques, formulation prowess and product manufacturing.  This allows us to collaborate with our clients and help them get their products to market as expeditiously and differentiated as possible; whilst ensuring sustainable brand growth and excellent formulations that far surpass their competitors.

Now's your chance to collaborate with True North Labs' experienced chemists to create one-of-a-kind formulations that enhance performance and efficacy and give your products a competitive edge.

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