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Phytocannabinoid Remediation

Hemp Biomass Tolling

What is phytocannabinoid remediation?

The ability to remove or reduce the levels of THC from hemp-derived extracts down to Non Detect (LOQ testing standards dependent).

Why do you need Remediation services?

To guarantee compliant and safe products for consumers.

What methods are used?

Chromatographic separation or accelerated degradation.

What is biomass tolling?

A simple procedure where a cultivator's biomass is turned into CBD extracts on demand.

Why toll your biomass?

Cultivators maximize yield after each harvest. Biomass is difficult to store, prone to molding and subject to cannabinoid-degredation over time.

What does tolling services entail?

Choose desired finished extract. Arrange delivery of your biomass to our facility. We extract CBD actives and return the extract to you or developed into end products.

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