White Label

Leading with unrivaled expertise, our comprehensive platform consists of market-proven best practices and turn key products that drive growth and eliminate problems for brands and retail buyers. Whether you operating as an emerging brand or a CBD boutique store, our platform for growth is built for compliance and success.

White Label and Retail Ready products are for:

Existing Brands

seeking geographic or product expansion, better formulations or greater margins.

Emerging Brands

intersted in building products from brand inception to execution in market.

Retailer Brands

such as dispensaries, headshops and CBD boutiques looking for store-branded products.

How We're Different

We meet label claims.

We believe that the label claim standards seen in various industries (i.e. pharma, food, cosmetics, etc.) need to be applied in the CBD space as well. Having control over raw ingredient production helps us achieve this.

White label doesn’t mean “generic”.

We offer brands and clients up to 3 characteristic changes to any of our White Label products. Whether it's CBN as the raw ingredient, a signature flavour or special ingredient, we have the ability to tailor White Label products to perfectly fit your brands' needs.

We are the benchmark.

Our experience puts us ahead of the competition, setting standards for manufacturing techniques, formulation prowess and product manufacturing.  This allows us to collaborate with our clients and help them get their products to market as expeditiously and differentiated as possible; whilst ensuring sustainable brand growth and excellent formulations that far surpass their competitors.


Oral Sprays


Edible Formulations

Vapable Formulations

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